Power was out all day again. Just got back up. My entire block has been so much friendlier in the 21 hours without power. Its amazing. Now leave me the fuck alone. I need my computer time.


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I was wondering what your take on this might be like: threepanelsoul(.)com/2014/08/19/dog-philosophy/


I actually saw this comic a while back and thought it was great.  Thanks for reminding me.

Original comic from threepanelsoul


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A listing on the company’s UK page has revealed two upcoming DLC packs for the game that add Link, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Animal Crossing characters as racers, let you choose an F-Zero car and bring new tracks, including ones set in the worlds of Zelda and Animal Crossing. x

Each Add On Content pack will contain two new cups, each with four courses, which, in total, increases the number of available courses by 50 percent. The Add On Content packs include classics like Wario’s Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii, as well as new courses, some taking place in the worlds of The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing. New vehicles will also arrive with each pack, including the Blue Falcon kart representing the F-Zero franchise in the first AOC pack.

Mario Kart 8 Pack 1 - Released: November 2014

  • 3 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link
  • 4 Vehicles
  • 8 Courses

Mario Kart 8 Pack 2 - Released: May 2015

  • 3 Characters: Villager, Isabelle, Dry Bowser
  • 4 Vehicles
  • 8 Courses

As a bonus for purchasing both packs - as a bundle or separately - you can get eight different-coloured Yoshis and eight different-coloured Shy Guys that can be used right away.

I want this..Just to see Isabelle react to getting hit or Link passing someone he crashed into

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Power was out from 4 to now. Freddy didn’t come.

The whole neighborhood is celebrating. We didn’t have power for 5 hours. Imagine if we didn’t have power for a whole week.

I don’t want to buy the new Dark Souls DLC

but… I already started the series. and 1 gave me this kickass Catarina helmet….

fuck they got me

Despite winning a kick ass scholarship, I have a collections hold on my account. I can’t register for a new semester. The job I was just hired for is at the school cafeteria and anyone who isn’t currently registered for classes or alumni are picked last for being scheduled. Which means not only can I not go to school, I probably can’t work either.

Which I’m fine with. I’m completely okay with that. More time to work on my stuff and find work. But I know my entire family is going to be disappointed when I break out the news.